Wednesday, June 27, 2012

187 Days Of Healthy - Day 1 Step 1

It has hit me like a truck for of bricks how unhealthy my family has become. It is too easy to throw a hot pocket in the microwave for breakfast and the kids shriek in terror at the sight of whole grain bread. My husband likes his red bull and preservatives, I like my candy bars and chips for a midnight snack. Not only is this a horrible way to treat our bodies, but it is an even worse way to raise our children.

If I know this is a disgusting thing to do to my body, why would I subject the kids to it? It's simple really... My Mom is not going to want to hear this, but it is how I was raised. "Sugar" cereal for breakfast, macaroni and hotdogs for lunch and pizza for dinner. Easy meals now, bad for your body later.

Now, I have searched and searched the web for "healthy meals on a budget" and can find nothing that fits in to the mold of my family. We can not cut out meat, fruit juice will NOT be a substitute for real sugar ( really people?! The one thing I do right by my kids is STAY AWAY FROM FRUIT JUICE! ) and we are sticking to a strict menu plan and shopping list.

First step? Ridding my cupboards, freezer and fridge of all things "yuck".

Wish My Luck :-)

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