Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Loving my post-children body.

I love my TaTa's!

Sure, after nursing three children they are used up. But I still love them.

Funny story, after the twins where born little D figured out what breastfeeding was and had asked if I had nursed him. I told him of course, it is what all Mama's do. He proceeded to tell me that he had fried them like pancakes. Unfortunately the term stuck, and my TaTa's are often called fried pancakes. A term very fitting for them at this point.

I have thought about lifts, tucks and silicon. Dreamt of a day when they would miraculously return to the glory of my teenage years. But when I look at myself in the mirror, my body tells a story, and I love the story it tells. I have so few stretch marks that I can tell you the first one my oldest gave me, and the last one the twins gave me. I can tell you that my fried pancakes worked hard on nourishing my premature twins, and spent long nights comforting D.

My body my be mangled and worn out, but it was put to good use. I would not want to undo the relentless months of nursing or erase one stretch mark. To me, they are proudly won battle scars.

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