Friday, June 17, 2011

Twins + Wood Floors = No Bueno!

My goodness, my two little bundles of energy and my beautiful wood floor's just do not mix. Poor K has three big bruises across his little forehead, and A had a tumble last night that made him SCREAM for about ten minutes. Even our rug does not create enough of a buffer between there poor little heads and our mean and nasty wood floor.

I suppose it will teach them not to fall down? Or not... Even D still has his tumbles every now and again.

He taught himself how to ride his bike, them quickly learned how to jump off before it falls, but had a nasty spill and cursed "DANG DARN BIKE! I am sorry for swearing Mama, but I hate my bike!" Is dang darn a curse? I did not know this! I know many other curses. But not that one.


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