Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The sickness

Eww... My whole family has had the sickness and I was praising the Lord over thanksgiving break that I was the only one who did not catch it. Think again Mama! I did. And BAD. I was in bed for two day's in excruciating pain and wanting to die in the bottom of the shower **Six hot showers in one day. There goes my great green gas bill for the month** and I went through two bottles of Robitussin. My kids ate peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast lunch and dinner.

I felt great this morning, only to wake up to what looked like a group of ravenous teenagers had torn through my kitchen, and the living room had been inhabited by twenty five year olds. But do you know what is awesome about my amazing children? They let me sleep. And sleep, and sleep. So no, they will not get in trouble. I will whole heartily clean the house, and make them a gourmet dinner consisting of mac'n cheese and hot dogs.

Then I will jump back on my cozy leg warming laptop and write up a couple reviews that have been sitting on my desk, just waiting patiently for me to get to them. Milly, Yoohoo & Friends and an interesting book called Adopted Ed.


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