Sunday, November 28, 2010

Being selfish with twins.

This weekend was a LONG one. And it still is not over for a few hours. The longest part was Thanksgiving dinner after the real Thanksgiving with my hubster's family. Normally they do not bug me. Well, OK. They are not a normal family, and they do have their quirks. But who doesn't? Maybe it is just that I grew up with a different kind of quirky. I guess I should make a side note before I get into this, because honestly it is what it is about. I can not stand it when people touch my babies, call me selfish or paranoid. Whatever you want to call me, go ahead and call me it. But eww. Please do not touch them. And especially not without asking me first.

We get to his Aunt's house on the coast and everything is all well, grandma had driven big brother out and dinner was almost ready. Then his cousin asks if she could hold K. Not a problem. She asked. I understand that they are family and this is something that I have to do. But then she passes him off to her SO without asking. And then he is passed on to DAE *Drunk Aunt E.* and she is ogling and swaying with him everywhere. And then he is passed off AGAIN! AND AGAIN AND AGAIN! I don't even know who is holding baby K. Thank god I made it a point that A was sleeping and not to bug him. Because I would have gone fricking ballistic!

I survived all of the dinner chaos and then it was time to dump poor old Grandpa. Not my piece of pie. Eww... Dead person's ashes blowing in the wind *I do have to say I keep my Dad in a jar, still a little on the gross and creepy side* and of course, I got Hub's Gpa in my eyes. Double gross, but I wanted to crack up. Because it was fricking hilarious. Everyone in his family is as somber as can be, and their Gpa goes, blowing up everyone's skirts and into everyone's eyes. It was funny.

I survived that as well. Then we get home, eventually heading over to Gma's house to pick D up. And HOLY SHAT! SHE FRICKING LECTURES ME. Basically she said I was being a bitch and that my children are a piece of everyone their and that I should be a little more open with my babies. FUCK NO!
First off, I can be a bitch to who ever I want to be a fucking bitch to. Second, THEY ARE MY FUCKING BABIES TO DO WITH WHAT I FUCKING PLEASE! Being their Mama, I get to say who can and can not hold them, and who does and does not wash their hands before holding them! But I do not have the balls to tell her that because she is Hub's Mama. And damnit, she still has say whether I like it or not. And you know what I did like the little pussy ass bitch good girl that I am??? I smiled and nodded and just told her it makes me nervous and I understand that they are family and it's ok. But really. It's not.

Maybe I am neurotic.

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